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Medical Providers who do not accept DVA Cards

  • 16 Oct 2018 9:20 AM
    Message # 6739585

    Yesterday 15th October 18 I went to the Whitsunday Ultrasound with a referral from my medical practitioner Dr Meer to have a Platelet Rich Plasma Injection for a torn tendon in my right elbow.  Whitsunday Ultrasound would not agree to the treatment unless a payment of $300.00 is agreed to even though I have a Gold Card and is covered by DVA. This provider refused to contact DVA to confirm that the procedure was covered by them, I asked about cortisone injection which I have had in the past and administered by this provider and the Gold Card was accepted. I was informed that this treatment would also cost $300.00, but was initially stated as costing $150.00.  I contacted DVA 15th Oct and informed them of what had happened, they stated that the action by Whitsunday Ultrasound was regrettable but that they could not force them to provide treatment.  There are two alternatives open to our members should this happen to them.

    1.  Ring DVA 1800 555254 and inform them that treatment has been denied because of non acceptance of DVA Cards (Gold White,) and ask for approval to travel to another provider who will treat you.

    2.  Pay the fee and claim it back from DVA, although this could take some time to go through the system.

    This is the first time I have had this happen to me, not a good experience _"the spirit of Anzac"does seem to be missed by some organisations.

    Brian Germain

    Welfare Officer

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