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AGM and GM 01 Aug 2020

16 Aug 2020 9:04 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Well team,

The AGM was conducted vide Zoom (a conferencing website) and for all intents and purposes was successful. The Executive remains unchanged however there is a requirement for someone to step up and undertake the position of Secretary soon, as Gary and Penny Davis are relocating to Brisbane in the near future.  I would like for someone to step up and undertake this role. We cannot function as an organisation if we don’t.

Speaking of organisations, if we continue the way we are, we may have to consider the future of SAANQ Branch.  There is a lack of support of the branch, Coronavirus 19 excepted. Even with the technological ability of being able to conduct meetings via a website, it appears only the “regulars” make the effort to engage. We, when able, travel between Airley Beach up to Cooktown in an effort to capture local submariners, providing them the opportunity to catch up, however there seems to be a lack of interest in attending these meetings. The Executive and a core few, make the effort (and expense) to travel so my personal expectation would be that the locals in the area we travel to would make the effort to attend. If there is no interest in attending General and Annual Meetings then I am of the opinion that there is little use in keeping the SAANQ functioning. It’s ALL the members that make the Association, not just a couple.

I had the opportunity the attend the VP Day Memorial at Rocky Creek and lay a wreath on behalf of Ravenshoe RSL, so I spared a thought and prayer for our kindred who both served and lost their lives in WWII. Sadly it appeared that the remembrance was focused on Army, even though the Catafalque Party was Navy.  Unfortunately I personally embarrassed the PO Bosun in charge by picking up the party members for their dress. All 4 weapons bearers had their Service Readiness Badge on the wrong side of their uniform and indeed one had his right hand rate on his left arm.... I just couldn’t help myself. The young PO Bosun stated she hoped nobody would notice however one crusty old submariner did lol. Well done to our skimmer compatriots hahaha.

Well that’s all from me. As always the Executive is here to help, however we do need the assistance from our members and if our members don’t want to assist then why have an association? I’ll leave that as something to ponder.

Please feel free to comment on the above — debate is healthy.



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